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From Curse To Freedom


The path to freedom isn’t always easy. It’s a reward granted to those who venture far from their homes, leaving behind luxury and entering into the life of adventure only to find the true purpose of existence.



Life was easy for the people of Patrick County. The quiet county did not have much to offer, and that just wasn’t enough, especially for a few particular nobles down in the quaint village of Critz.

Every morning, four siblings awoke in their majestic castle, to go about their daily lives. One cold morning of December, however, they had other plans, plans that would change the fate of the great four forever…

“I’m going to cross the barricades and venture beyond the great lake!” Sanford cried.

Nothing less could be expected from eldest amongst the four. The epitome of bravery, the young man defined it in his walk, in his speech, and in every mannerism he possessed. His courage granted him no small amount of honor in the county, and even had the people of Critz, marvel at the mention of his name!

Not once, but many times before, the four had tried to venture out of the luxurious confinement of the four walls but every time they reached the great lake, the band of keeper-fairies cast them away to safety.

Today, however, would be different. Today the masters of the forest had gone off to the grand festival, leaving it at the disposal of the local imps. Delightedly, it was not difficult to sneak past all these creatures—just a small bowl of jelly, and these guardians of the kingdom territory, would fall into a deep trance-like sleep.

Feeling a sense of unease creep in, Somi, King Reynolds’ only daughter, tried to hide away. Being the only daughter, she was most loved, which often made her the timid one. Juni, however, the most trusted, was tasked with protecting his sister. Juni and Somi were best friends and it was a bond that no other sibling shared. Juni’s wiseness and Sanford’s courage finally gave her strength to follow her brothers to the great beyond…all she could wish for now was that Winky, the youngest, behaved himself enough to not put them into trouble!  


Sanford led the group of his brave siblings to finally discover what lay beyond the great lake. Roosevelt Reynolds road wasn’t an easy path but with the sun almost going down, they had to hurry and find shelter. The ever-wise Juni had made sure to pack the necessary essentials to keep them safe on the road, of course, that included a great big jar of jelly for the imps.

Making their way through the trees that bent down to greet each royal blood that passed, it wasn’t until Somi’s scream that they realized an imp had spotted the four.  

Suddenly imps rose from their slumber and moved forward, short, fat, grotesque but equally gullible, these creatures started making their way forward, slowly removing the gunk from their eyes and rubbing off sleep in the process. But Sanford came prepared, without a moment to lose, he expertly slingshotted the jars into the mouth of each imp making them instantly fall back asleep. All those hours of practice, with the cunning Winky, had finally paid off.

Now it was time to venture where no man had gone before, the great lake lay ahead of them, the castle behind…slowly, each of them got on the Annie-mobile, the only vehicle that was able to pass the lake, placed there only for the forest-lords to use. Each looked back one last time, holding hands and they started to move. None of them knew what lay ahead, none of them knew what Winky would do…



It took a night’s journey to cross the lake, all four of them worn down but determined. Suddenly, Sanford awakened to the boat hitting the shore. The lake was glowing with a bright blue that he had never before seen, struck by awe he quickly awoke the others to witness the beauty that lay in front of them. The shore was dark, with not a soul to be seen, nothing except the red dirt and a single tree. They couldn’t possibly start their adventure now in the pitch darkness, walking out of the mobile, they safely tucked it away.  

The strange shore with red dirt gave them the shivers but none of them uttered a word. Suddenly, as if by fate or magic, Winky spotted a lonely cabin, it looked like a tattered old baby-shop, and it seemed far from having any people inside. Nonetheless Sanford, Juni, Somi and Winky braced themselves and camped in there for the night.

“Awake, children! You have done a great evil by coming to this land!” Erupted a voice that awoke the nobles.

“Adventure seekers, I see?” Emerged a beautiful Elf, dressed in torn white clothing. “I am Arana and I humbly apologize for causing a fright, this Baby-House of Sukkee is not well accustomed to visitors.” She said, sincerely extending her arm to Sanford.

“No harm, no foul, my lady.” He replied, graciously taking the extended hand. Just then, Winky pops up and decides to move closer to the attractive elf. Knowing full well that the sneaky, mischievous little brother had something up his sleeve, Juni grabbed his arm and pulls him away.

Deliberately ignoring the exchange between the siblings Arana continued, “You are perhaps the nobles our legends foretold. I can tell because our scriptures spoke of the courageous, mischievous wise siblings and the girl amongst them being the most beautiful…” upon hearing this Somi brightened up, just as the others perked up as well.

“Seclusion from the world beyond has brought great depression with my broken ancestry, and I alone was left to seek freedom, but none has been found. I believe my freedom lies on that berry-tree beyond the baby-house but I am bound here for all eternity. Each and every one cursed in this house got their freedom but mine is the only one dependent of you.” She mentioned in a passing gaze hoping they would take her plea for help.

“We hid away and ventured beyond the great lake to find our freedom and only landed to grant you yours. Have no worries, we shall bring you the berries and grant you your freedom,” said Sanford. And so, the four went beyond to the valley of death, surrounded by grotesque gimlets out for blood. Even though scared, Somi too joined the fight to bravery and together they gathered the berries and set the elf free.

Through the treacherous field, through the blazing thickets that lie between them and the tree, much damage was caused to their feet and nearly caused the noble four to be unable to walk. Upon seeing such, the elf used her newfound powers and conjured magical socks to heal them each of them.

After this, the four returned home with their new and enchanted socks, each possessing their images, symbolizing their honour and bravery.

It has been long said that whosoever wears them, will possess the characteristic of each noble.

Henceforth, through Arana’s freedom, their bravery and honour lives on through the gift of magical Facesies socks…


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